Are you exploring Harmony Grove Village real estate? Use this community map and legend to see the MasterPlan vision of Harmony Grove Village at its completion. When Harmony Grove Village is completely built out, there will be a total of 736 homes including equestrian properties on the north west end of the community. There will also be Holmes called Sentinels such as those found in Santaluz and Del Sur. There will be a total of 10 neighborhoods at completion. Harmony Grove Village has a number of places to connect with your neighbors, enjoy time with the family Or have some me time on the trail system. The community has 8+ different parks such as 4 July park, Overlook Park which over looks Canter ridge new homes, tall grass Park next to Andalucia neighborhood, starlight park in between Whitting ham and Andulucia, Monarch Park, to equestrian Park’s and dog parks. Of course there’s the Harmony Grove Park and the grove pool and rec center. Harmony Grove Village has a rich history,  a rural location and an urban Vibe. There are future shops planned such as coffee shop and other daily pitstops.